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LateNight Events

Thursday, October 17 - Saturday, October 19
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Red 2

Thursday: 10 PM, Friday + Saturday: 7 PM, 9:30 PM, & 12 AM @ HUB Auditorium

Free admission with your PSU Student Photo ID

Country Star Randy Houser

Friday, 10 PM @ Alumni Hall

Featuring #1 Hits “How Country Feels,” “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and Top 20 Hit “Anything Goes”! Valid PSU Student Photo ID required

Ballroom Dance

Saturday, 10 PM @ Alumni Hall

Sponsored by Ballroom Dance Club

Creative Crafts

Friday + Saturday, 9 PM - 1 AM @ HUB Ground Floor

Make your own fleece-tie halloween pillow!

LateNight Billiards

Friday + Saturday, 9 PM - 1 AM @ The Break Zone

Not a free event.

Starbucks Food Specials

Friday, 9 PM - 11 PM

$1.00 off any size Coffee, Tea, or Specialty Drink (bottled beverages not included).

Sbarro Food Specials

Friday, 9 PM - 1 AM

$1.00 slice of Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza, $1.99 Meatball Hero or Pasta Special, & $1.49 for any size Fountain Soda.

Burger King Food Specials

Saturday, 9 PM - 1 AM

$0.50 Hamburger, $0.69 Cheeseburger, $0.99 Double Cheeseburger, $1.49 for 10-piece Chicken Tenders, $1.00 Small Fries or Onion Rings, and $1.39 for any size Fountain Soda.

White Building

Friday/Saturday, 9 PM

Open Recreation: 9 PM

Open Pool: 9 PM - 12 AM (Pool closed if no lifeguard)

Fitness Center: 9 PM - 1 AM (Requires fitness pass/ID)

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of LateNight-PennState is to make available to students quality late night entertainment during prime social times, namely 9:00pm through 2:00am (Friday and Saturday) and 9:00pm through midnight (Thursday). LateNight provides an alcohol-free environment with opportunities for students to gain experiences in programming, leadership development, and responsible social interaction. In September 1996, Dr. Spanier and several student representatives discussed the issue of alcohol consumption and posed possible programs to target this issue during an informal conversation. Students felt that there were very few activities, if any, during the late hours on weekends. With this in mind, the idea of opening the HUB on Friday and Saturday nights manifested itself as a means to provide this much-needed entertainment. Dr. Spanier immediately embraced this idea by guaranteeing staffing, security, and food services for the program. The students themselves were left to program the evenings and secure funding for the programming. Shortly after, meetings for LateNight began and a committee was formed. As students worked to organize LateNight, obstacles prolonged successful launching of the program. Without the aid of staff members, the committee lacked insight into the system in which they were trying to operate. Furthermore, due to poor publicity and the unfamiliar novelty of the program LateNight experienced several failed attempts. As LateNight-PennState continued to actualize itself, organizational structure changes were made. A standing committee, consisting of members of the Student Affairs office, Food Services coordinators, and students was created to discuss and plan the activities. In addition, a director was hired in December 1996 to coordinate the LateNight-PennState events and activities of the committee. As a result of student and committee members working simultaneously and separately, spring of 1997 represented a time when the full potential of this initiative finally blossomed into substantial success. Since then, the program has grown from one event per evening to a minimum of five, and there are now a group of staff members and several committees for the program, as well as a tremendous amount of collaboration with students and student organizations. In the fall of 1999, HUB Late Night changed its name to LateNight-PennState, since the program now encompasses programming outside of the HUB. With the completion of the new Union Building and the inclusion of the Paul Robeson Culture Center into the building, the program continues to evolve. LateNight now offers cultural events and films on Thursdays, a full evening of programs (five or more events) on Fridays and Saturdays, and two showings of recently released movies on Sundays. Some of the events that have been phenomenal hits with the students include the Creative Crafts activity, where the students create hands-on art projects such as paint-your-own-pottery, jewelry making, and more. Swing and salsa dances, live music of all types, Bingo, table tennis, and a multitude of novelty acts (hypnotist, fantasy photos, side show artists, magicians) are also very popular with the students. The progress of LateNight-PennState has been astounding and wonderful to observe.


As the parents of three children, Edgar and Sandy recognize that excess drinking by college students is one of the most serious problems at Penn State University as well as at most other Universities in America. Their goal is not to have college students stop drinking, but rather to encourage students who want to participate in alcohol-free activities on campus, to have a place where they can go and have fun. Penn State has initiated a very successful "LateNight" program at the HUB-Robeson Center on Friday and Saturday nights. LateNight programming has been designed to allow students to have entertaining activities such as movies, music, dancing and crafts. The Snyder's goal is to help the University get the message out about LateNight through an interactive web site and other promotional activities. It is Edgar and Sandy's hope that Penn State students, who choose not to drink on a particular weekend, will have a place to go on campus and still have a great time. To read more about Edgar and Sandy Snyder, click here: Edgar Snyder & Associates Edgar Snyder graduated from Penn State in 1963. While at Penn State, he was a member of Lions paw and Captain of the Men's Debate team for two years. Edgar is also a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, Class of 1966. Many people in State College know Edgar Snyder from his TV advertising for his law firm's Personal Injury and Workers' Compensation practices. His law firm, Edgar Snyder & Associates, has offices in Altoona, Ebensburg, Erie, Johnstown and Pittsburgh. Sandy Snyder is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she received her BS, Masters of Education and Masters of Business Administration. Sandy is presently the Director of Marketing at Edgar Snyder & Associates.